Is Your iPhone Calling Other Countries?

(Adam Engst) #21

That helps, thanks. I wonder how the 0031 country code got in there, though.

(Will M) #22

Thanks for the tip. I have two questions.

Some of my phone numbers are coded as *67 607 5550133. The *67, of course, blocks my number from appearing on the recipient’s phone. (This does not work for toll-free numbers.)

Would I format the number as *67 +1 607 5550123 or as +1 *67 607 5550123?

Whichever is the correct formatting, would it work both domestically and internationally?



G’day Will

The “Hide Caller ID” function is carrier dependent and the “per-call hide code” like your *67 varies. Here in New Zealand for example the carriers each have their own “per-call hide caller ID” code. Assuming that’s the case where you are too, you’d need change the *67 if you ever change mobile provider domestically or if/when you travel internationally and use a different provider.

As to whether the hide code goes before or after the country code, I would guess before; but it’s not something I’ve tried, so can’t say with any certainty.

Cheers, Gobit

(Will M) #24

Thanks for the follow-up, Gobit.

I believe the *67 code is nationwide in US rather than carrier dependent. The “Vertical service code” article on Wikipedia seemed to imply it applies to all North America, but the Caller ID article seemed to say that AT&T Wireless has its own code. But Wikipedia gives me no guidance on whether the country code or the vertical service code comes first, or even if they can be used together.