Is there any way to turn off my HomePods being offered as a phone speaker?

Subject pretty much says it all. Whenever I’m at home and get a phone call that I want to put on speaker, I have to do an extra step because tapping on Speaker offers both the phone and my HomePods. I don’t ever want to send my phone call to my HomePods, so I should be able to turn that off, right? I’ve searched high and low, but have been unable to find any helpful suggestions.

Have any of you found this to be an issue, and if so, have you found a solution??

It is a “personal request” setting:

The Homepod does not appear in the list of devices for “Calls on other Devices” list in iPhone “Mobile” settings, which would be more logical.

Huh, thanks for this, but I have “personal requests” turned off. I went a step further, and also turned off “recognize my voice”, so maybe that’ll help? Who knows…

The inconsistencies in Apple’s increasingly complicated (and convoluted) settings for all this stuff are mind-numbing. Someone at Apple needs to rein things in, or their house of cards is going to simply collapse one of these days!

I’m not sure the “Personal Requests” settings have anything to do with this issue, as the call isn’t being initiated from the HomePod. The iPhone offers any connected wireless speakers (Bluetooth, AirPlay) as options when you’re on a phone call. Presumably in this case it’s seeing the HomePod as just another speaker. I don’t think there’s any way to turn this off, other than to disconnect the HomePod from the phone (is that possible through BlueTooth or AirPlay settings?).

I don’t think that’s right, because I have four other AirPlay-connected speaker options, and they’ve never been offered on a phone call. It’s specific to the HomePods, I’m almost positive. I’ve wondered if there’s a way I could just ‘unaffiliate’ the HomePods from my phone, but that doesn’t appear possible.

Oh well…

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Check if the Homepod is listed in the Mobile settings on the iPhone. It may not appear in my list of devices because the Homepod is accessed via an Apple TV (default speakers).

Well, it probably won’t offer AirPlay devices if they don’t have a microphone.

On your iPhone, try turning off Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices > Allow Calls on Other Devices.

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I don’t understand your suggestions. What “Mobile” settings are you referring to?

That setting has been turned off since it first became an option!