Is there any macro app/function in iOS?

(Eolake Stobblehouse) #1

Hey folks,
Long time no ocean.

I use an iPad Pro 13-inch a lot, with an external keyboard. And I just realised that I’d love it if I could use a macro app for simple tasks, like simply selecting apps. But gooooogling around I have not yet found any way to do that. (I had an old setup from the nineties I used for many years; F1 for browser, F2 for email, etc.) Does anybody know if it can be done? (Perhaps not enough people habitually use an external keyboard with iOS for it to have happened.)

Eolake Stobblehouse

(Tommy Weir) #2

There are apps like Workflow and Launch Centre Pro that can set other apps and sequences of apps in motion with preset ‘paths’ as it were but nothing that I know would be a hit F1 to launch Safari say.

Just to say it, within apps and depending on the app, keyboard shortcuts on iOS can be great. And Cmd+Tab will switch etc. Holding down the Cmd key reveals what’s possible, some apps have multiple windows of keyboard shortcuts.

(Eolake Stobblehouse) #3

Thanks, Tommy, I hadn’t realised about Cmd-tab, that’s neat.

And I’d found out about holding the command key, that is very useful in Mail and Safari (like for recovering a tab you closed by mistake!). But I’d not thought to look in other apps.

Yours, Eolake

(Adam Engst) #6

I’ll be curious if Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 answers this need or not.

(Eolake Stobblehouse) #7

Yes, interesting.
I’m sure they’ll do a lot. Although activating it will be slower than just hitting F12.

Yours, Eolake

(Tommy Weir) #8

Yep “Hey Siri, launch Safari” has been available for quite some time…

But using Siri to trigger workflows is going to be great I think. I was glad to see some emphasis on automation in the keynote.

(Tommy Weir) #10

Indeed we have all had a rocky relationship with Siri.

I do believe voice is the next interface and I hope Apple get it together on that front, it has to be global. Most Danes I know are quite precise in their speech, or maybe it just seems that way :slight_smile:

I am always baffled at how diction on iOS is better than Siri. If you tap the microphone icon on the onscreen keyboard it does a quick and better job. Then sometimes, after getting it right, it ‘corrects’ itself and it’s wrong.

Ahhh. Someday they will get it right.