Is there an instability in MacOS 13.2.1 causing restarts when the Mac is sleeping?

This has happened to me multiple times so far, including twice the last two days. I can use my MBP all day just fine. I go so sleep and just leave it as is (the screen goes to sleep after a while).

When I wake up I try to use TouchID to wake the screen up but either nothing happens and I have to force a restart, or I see the login screen indicating there was a restart.

I enter my ID and then there is a looong wait until it starts up. After that things are basically ok, but there is a popup about a system error to report to Apple.

Anybody else experiencing this with 13.2.1?

Not using Ventura yet so I don’t know if the setting is the same, but on Big Sur I had a similar sounding problem solved by making sure the option for “put hard disks to sleep when possible” was unchecked in both the battery and power adapter sections.

OK, I’ll try that. Just changed it for battery, but where is the power adapter section you mentioned?

I’m not aware of any general problems with 13.2.1, but if you’re experiencing issues with an older version of macOS, I’d always encourage you to update to what’s current, 13.3.1.

Especially since 13.3.1 contains an urgent security update for two zero-day threats seen in-the-wild.

It’s one of those mornings where I need to get some urgent work done first. I must say that simply changing that battery setting seems to have made a difference though. I can’t imagine that with an SSD drive putting it to sleep matter anyway, right?

It happened again this evening. :frowning:

What was the other setting that was recommended to check in addition to not letting the drive go to sleep in the battery settings?

I don’t know if this is the other setting anyone else is referring to but I have experienced and seen a similar problem and I can see a significant number of reports from others of an issue that sounds like yours.

There is an energy saver option called ‘Power nap’, this allows some functions to run even when the Mac is supposedly asleep. It seems to be this option that is most likely to trigger this type of crash during sleeping with the result that when you come to open your MacBook it has crashed.

The ‘solution’ is to disable Power Nap completely in the System Preferences → Energy Saver options.

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