Is there a way to make Finder tab groups?

There is a set of Finder windows which I often like to have open together as tabs. Instead of doing this manually, is there a way to save a window of tabs as a group and open them all at once when needed?



There doesn’t seem to be a way to save Finder Tabs (maybe give Feedback to Apple?).
However if the folders that you commonly use are in the Side Bar you can right-click on those items one by one and select Open in New Tab.

Feedback to Apple goes into a black hole I think. I can always do what you say about the side bar though. Thanks.

While there isn’t a way to do this within Finder itself, you could use an automation tool like KeyboardMaestro to create a macro command to do so, then either give it a keyboard shortcut or some other means of activating as and when required.

Path Finder offers this functionality (along with many, many other additions to Finder).

Have a look at Moom, it might be able to do what you want:

Save and restore window layouts
Set up a collection of windows in the size and locations you wish, then save the layout. Restore the layout via an assigned hot key or via Moom’s menus.

Chris, unless I’ve missed it your action doesn’t read the existing window, in order to set up FolderPathList. Here’s a short AppleScript to do that. It could do with some error checking, and the window must be active in the Finder, but it seems to work, within Script Editor anyway.


on getPaths()

tell application "Finder"

    set paths to {}

    set w to window 1
    set p to w's target as text
    repeat while p is not in paths
        set paths to paths & p

        tell application "System Events"
            keystroke "}" using command down
        end tell

        delay 0.5
        set w to window 1
        set p to w's target as text

    end repeat
end tell

end getPaths

return paths