Is the Apple Watch charger compatible with the iPhone 12?

I’ve got an iPhone 12 on order and it should be in early next week. I haven’t ordered a magnetic charger yet and I was wondering if my Apple Watch’s magnetic charger (version 6) would charge the iPhone 12?

Has anyone tried it yet? If not - tune in next week and I’ll let you know.


I really don’t know But doubt that it would work effectively for you. It might charge but the wattage differences between an iPhone and an Apple Watch are big and the chargers would be similar

But to repeat, I don’t know

OK. I’ve tried it. The answer is NO it won’t.



Apple lists the 5 watt charger as being compatible with both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It won’t fast charge your iPhone 12 but I would think it would work fine for an overnight charge.

I tried it too Sam and it didn’t work even the Belkin wireless charger I have for the 10 struggles, my new clear charging cover should arrive tomorrow.