Is SuperTab kaput?

Does anyone know if SuperTab is still being developed?

I have reached out to the developer several times and I have not heard anything back. Currently, SuperTab 5.0 doesn’t work with Mac OS Ventura 13.2. I have always liked using SuperTab and I have used it for quite a long time so I have a lot of muscle memory built up from using Command + Command to launch it.

If SuperTab is kaput, any ideas for a good replacement for it?

P. S. I am trying out SwitchGlass and I’m liking it so far. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated! TIA!

I use it. At first, it DOES seem flaky. But slowly gets back to normal after a week or two. That is after repeating things like giving it permission to ‘control’ Mac, whatever it was…
I have version 5.0, running fine on Ventura. But I had it for a long time, so don’t really know if it’s still; going.

Also, their country is Montenegro, kind of close to Ukraine. They were always very quick to respond to me, maybe the ‘war’ is causing problems for them. But who knows?

I cannot get SuperTab 5.1 to launch in Ventura. I get the following:

Did you try to go the the SuperTab file in the Finder, and launch it with Right Click? Can you redownload it from the vendor’s website?

I get the same error message when I Right Click on the file in the Finder. This is with a newly downloaded app from the vendor’s website.

You should be able to use it by following the instructions in this article assuming you know that the app is safe:

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Thank you! I used the Terminal as described in the article and now SuperTab is working in Ventura 13.2. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question!


@rripley I’d never heard of SuperTab. It is amazing.

It does look cool—I hadn’t heard of it either. I hope the developer is still working on it.