Is it possible to sync two Apple TVs?

I have 2 Apple TVs - one in kitchen and one in living room. Sometimes there is a reason to watch the same show in the two rooms, for example starting a movie in the living room and then one person needs to work in the kitchen. Since one can hear the sound of the TV in the other room, this doesn’t really work.

Ideally I would like something like the share play that has become available for FaceTime calls. Would like to start the show on one TV and then share the video/audio to the other TV.

Any ideas?

I found something that came close to working but ultimately failed:

Specifically, I tried to see if the ‘Airplay’ option in the control center (hold down the TV icon on the remote to access) would allow me to share Apple TV programs between Apple TVs. It allowed me to share audio but not video.

Perhaps future TVos updates will allow this.