Is iOS 14 safe now

Haven’t updated yet to 14 on my SE (2)- whaddya think- ?
Has it passed muster with this enlightened group?

I’ve seen no issues with iOS 14 at all, and it has been out long enough to accumulate both bug fixes and promised features. I’d say to go for it!

I concur with @ace. I haven’t seen anything dramatic at all, which I found a very pleasant surprise.

There might be an annoyance here or there (like iCloud tab syncing being broken—not sure this is due to 14.2.1 though) comes to mind, but I’d wish every major macOS update would be as smooth as updating to iOS 14 (that said, so far I haven’t heard much mayhem at all related to Big Sur). :slight_smile:

Would installing iOS 14 install a new version of Numbers? If so, would that new version of Numbers generate files compatible with Numbers 6.1 on a Mac (running macOS 10.14.6, if it matters)? Thanks.

No problems so far for me either.

My only comment is that if you use other Apple devices (Apple TV, Homepod) they should probably also be updated to 14 for compatibility. However some users of older ATVs have reported problems with tvOS 14.
My Apple ecosystem seems to be working well with 14.

Thanks all for your responses- Gives me great confidence to go ahead.

I have come across a strange bug that I assume is from iOS 14. With Safari on my iPad I regularly send a URL link by email, using the Share icon. This has worked well until a few weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed that some emails that I sent to myself had not turned up in the Mail Inbox. I eventually found them in the iPad Mail Outbox. So it appears that sharing a webpage URL by email has changed and the email is “trapped” in the Outbox until I go there and manually send it. I will report this to Apple.

Certainly not seeing that on my iPad. Just tried again and it all worked as designed. No ideas on why yours get stuck.

Strange - it is not happening this morning. I haven’t changed anything on the iPad. Maybe it was an internet connection glitch?