Is 500 ma enough to charge iPhone?

This stove top lightweight generator is delivering 5v 500 ma. It is half of what my old slim Apple chargers are delivering. Will it work with an iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Not sure but if it is insufficient then
maybe slowly charge a powerbank wiith it and then charge the iPhone from the powerbank?


5V 500mA equals 2.5W and is standard, legacy USB power output.

It will charge, slowly.

Apple recommend a 20W charger to charge 50% in 30 minutes. At 2.5W you will probably be charging 8 times slower or more.

Wireless charging is at upto 7.5W (depending on your charger) so you’re 3 times slower than that.

Magsafe charging is at upto 15W so you’re 6 times slower than that.

I think even the oldest iPhone power plug was 5W (5V 1000mA)


I am only wondering if it will work at all. I know it will be very slow.

It should…won’t be very fast but power is power.

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What everybody else said.

Also note that even when iOS reports “not charging” on the status bar, it may still be charging, but slower than Apple would like. Depending on what you’re doing, the power coming in may or may not be able to keep up with your usage.

I used to occasionally charge an iPad from a PC’s USB port at 500mA. The display would say “not charging”, but as long as the device was not running any high power app (in my case, it was installing a major OS update), the charge levels would slowly but surely increase.

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