iPhone X battery life issues (revisited)

My iPhone X is still under monthly AppleCare+ warranty, and the battery health is 96% (was 97% last week).

At night, when I’m mostly sleeping, my battery drains rapidly and I don’t know why. At most I might reach over every couple of hours and see if there are new emails.

The battery settings don’t show abnormal battery use by any apps. The most over a typical two hour period might be Siri listening. The screen is set to automatically turn off after a minute.

I’ve read every single one of Apple support articles on battery life.

This morning it drained from 80% to dead overnight. When I charged it said “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.”

I connected with Apple Support and they did a remote diagnostic and claim everything is normal. They also recommended turning off that performance management setting!

But they really had no suggestions about what to do or look for.

I don’t remember it doing this until recently.

Do I just need to buy a wireless charger and put it next to my bed so it keeps charging all night?

Any thoughts?



I’ve had a similar experience with my iPhone X battery drowning quickly and getting the same message that you posted… I took the phone to an Apple authorized service center and even though the Battery setting on the phone said that it was at 96%, the testing app that the store used showed that the battery needed to be replaced. After having the battery replaced, it now drains at an acceptable rate. My suggestion then is to have the battery replaced.

Interesting. Also it seems a little strange that even though it’s been one year four months since my last battery exchange that I’m still at 96%.

Is the in shop battery test different from their diagnostic they do remotely?

The shop battery test involved the phone being plugged into the computer so it may be a different test than a remotely done test.


I had nearly the same experience as David’s about a year ago. The difference was that although the battery drain wasn’t accurately showing up in my 8+, it did online and in the store.