iPhone Photos Share Sheet Inconsistency for Facebook

Anyone notice this:

  • if I am in Photos and select one photo, and share it on Facebook, on the top is a place where I can change where I can share it, for example to another Facebook Group or a friend’s timeline.

  • if I am in Photos and select more than one photo, and share it on Facebook, changing the place where I can share it is no longer on top, it’s on the next screen.

Who handles this? Is this Apple or Facebook’s doing?

A lot of apps present limited options via the Share extension. I’m pretty sure what they present is determined by the author of the extension. Here’s what the HIG has to say about it: Sharing and Actions - Extensions - iOS - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

It’s not the limited options that is my issue. It’s the way the share works depending if you have a single picture you’re sharing or multiple pictures.

Here’s a picture that shows posting a single photo to Facebook. Note the option to change to change the News Feed on the top and the Post button in the upper right corner.

Here’s a picture when you post multiple photos. Note the News Feed option isn’t there, and the Post button now says Next

There are times i accidentally posted a picture on my own News Feed rather than a group because I expected to be able to specify the news feed on the next page. And there was a time I thought the option to post to another feed disappeared because when you have multiple pictures, it’s on the next page.

My gut here is telling me that this is an issue with the Facebook app. I would definitely send them a bug report, for whatever that will be worth.

If there’s some technical reason for the discrepancy (and if they care), their engineers probably have higher priority on Apple’s bug report queue than you and me.