iPhone/iPad Contacts won’t let me type in name of country

Here’s a weird problem.

I have some friends who live in the Golan Heights in (not) Israel. I found that one friend’s address can be mapped and the other one can’t.

Looking at the two addresses, I see that the one that can be mapped, the country’s name is “Golan” and the one that can’t be mapped, the country’s name is “Israel”. No problem, I’ll just change the name of the country from “Israel” to “Golan”.

Nope, Golan isn’t in the drop-down list of countries in Contacts on the iPhone or iPad. On the Mac, you type in the name of the country, so I was able type in “Golan” for one friend. Unfortunately, I decided I didn’t need my Mac while traveling in Israel, so I can’t easily correct it.

Try this:

Open Maps and drop a pin at your friend’s address.
Tap the share icon
There should be an entry “Add to Existing Contact”
In the list presented, select your friend, and the new address should show up as a 2nd address. If it’s correct, delete the old address and choose an appropriate label for the new one.

Sadly, it appears that the iCloud web page follows the iOS interface - you can only pick a country from a list. If you type in something else, it isn’t accepted (and will revert to whatever it was previously using).

I thought this sounded like a great idea. I dropped in the pin, and the address showed up without a country. Adding it to an existing contact simply set the country to *United States”, so it didn’t work.

I tried iCloud.com’s webpage. I could type in Golan for the country, but the record still said Israel. Turns out it uses the same country list, and Golan isn’t a valid country.

Set up a free Outlook.com (or Gmail, but I’ve just tested Outlook) account, sync contacts for that account, and put that one contact in there? I was able to add a contact in Outlook.com on Safari on my iPhone logged in to my Outlook.com account, add a contact, and enter “Golan” as the country name in the home address field - and that contact synced to my iPhone that way. That will at least get you through until you can get to a Mac.

I was thinking about exporting the contact to my friend’s computer, edit the vCard as a text file and reimporting it. I’ve decided to live with it until I got back home.