iPhone can no longer sync to iMac

Hello: I just bought a new iphone 12. I wanted to backup my data to my itunes on my imac. Yes, I use icloud and back up there daily.
I have music that is NOT from apple music. It’s music from CD’s. In the past, in order to have music sync into my iphone, I could plug in my iphone and synce from itunes.
Notice I received from my imac - mojave 10.14.6 - was that I needed to upgrade my OS on my mac. I don’t want to upgrade because I have many 32bit apps that I cannot afford to upgrade to work with Big Sur.
Current iphone is iphone 6sPlus with IOS 14.3
What other options do I have to sync my CD music to my new iphone 12?

What notice? Could you post a screen-shot of the request?

After upgrading my iPod Touch to the latest iOS, I got what I think is the same request. If so, it is NOT requesting a complete macOS upgrade, but is actually upgrading an internal iOS-connectivity device driver. Installing this upgrade doesn’t change any other part of macOS.

Apple could (really really should) change the language of the request, because it is confusing, but (if you are seeing the same thing I saw), this is a harmless upgrade and you should go ahead and install it.

Just for reference, I got the notice I was referring to today after connecting my iPod Touch (which recently had an iOS update). It is the notification Apple describes in this support document:

As I previously wrote, this is not a macOS system upgrade, but an upgrade to an internal device driver used to sync data with iOS. Nothing to worry about.

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