iPhone Calendar & Google integration — I hate thee

Apple in its infinite wisdom has declared refresh buttons about as verboten as a stylus or large batteries. So has anybody discovered some kind of workaround to refresh iPhone Calendar when it refuses to show up to date calendar information synced from Google calendar?

Work requires me to use Google calendar. While synchronization on the Mac is also buggy and slow, on the Mac Calendar there is at least cmd-r to force a sync which, in conjunction with copious amounts of patience, usually results in Calendar display being brought up to date. On iPhone, there is obviously no cmd-r and I cannot find any equivalent.

I have tried dragging to the bottom in Calendars and Inbox, which does indeed get a little spinner going, but still fails to get the calendar app to sync with the Google calendar. Surprisingly, not even a force quit and restart of Calendar app will get the job done. The web browser Google calendar tells me something (which I’ll assume is the ground truth), the Mac calendar can be refreshed to the point where it agrees, but the *%$&^# :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: iPhone Calendar stubbornly refuses to update. Any other suggestions (apart from ditching Calendar app or using the browser instead)?

What is your settings / calendar / accounts / fetch new data (tap it) set to for the fetch schedule at the bottom? “Automatically” says “your iPhone will fetch new data in the background only when on power and on WiFi” so I’d think setting it to one of the scheduled settings would help with this.

Na, this problem occurs on wifi and powered just the same as on cellular and battery.

It’s possible that Google doesn’t populate the gateway at the same priority as its own access. (In other words, it may not be Apple’s fault.)

The Arc browser has some built-in Google calendar features, but as I don’t use Google, I can’t say how good or bad they are.