iPhone belt holder

When I go out walking I like to listen to podcasts on my iPhone 14 Pro. But if I put the phone in a pants pocket the not very strong bluetooth signal doesn’t consistently connect with my hearing aids. In chilly weather I wear jackets, and their pockets move the signal higher up on the body enough to connect pretty well; but my preferred warm-weather outfit of pocketless t-shirt and jeans doesn’t work. If I hold the phone in my hand near my pants pocket, the connection to the hearing aids works fine, so I think I need some kind of case, sack, bag or something to hang from my belt where the phone’s signal won’t be muffled by the heavy cloth of my jeans.

Any suggestions? Definitely don’t want something designed to block signals in or out of the phone.

And yes, I need to wear the hearing aids all the time. No room for earbuds and I don’t want headphones.

Amazon has a number of belt cases. Search for “iphone belt case.” Most under $15. I use one as my preferred way to carry my iPhone around. Most have two loops and a clip, though I only use one of the loops. I use it with bluetooth ear buds when I’m walking, and there’s no problem with the connection.

I’ve been using cases with belt clips from Lifeproof, owned by Otterbox, for decades, even before I began to use hearing aids. Never a problem with signals being blocked.

A major plus—the company’s cases are guaranteed for life. Over the years, I’ve had a few minor problems develop from continued use that required first one piece, then another be replaced. The customer support folks are universally friendly, helpful, and confidence-inspiring. They’ve never once balked at honoring the guarantee.

I seldom give such a glowing recommendation for companies and products, but Lifeproof has earned this one. No relation to them except as a truly satisfied, repeat customer whenever I’ve acquired a new iPhone. You can find cheaper cases, but none better.


I’ve been using leather belt cases from Nutshell Corporation in New Zealand for over 10 years now, and have been very satisfied with them. I think I’ve bought 3 over the years – not because they wore out (I’d have to own them a lot longer for that to happen) – but because I bought new iPhones that wouldn’t fit in the old case.

Specifically, I’ve bought the ones with a belt loop that you slip your belt through – no chance of either the case, or the iphone in the case, falling out. Have gotten the magnetic tab that closes the case.

Also, I’ve had hearing aids which connect to my iPhone via bluetooth for almost 5 years, and never had any sound / volume interference from either the case, or the distance of the iPhone at my waist.

The Nutshell cases are priced on the high side (and the postage from New Zealand is also higher than normal); but they are very well-made. I’ve passed on my old ones to other people in my family (sometimes with the corresponding old iPhones that they carried.)

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