iPhone and Watch don't ring but iPad does

I’ve have a weird situation where my iPad (which is the same iCloud account as my iPhone) will ring when I get a phone call, but when I look at my Apple Watch or my iPhone, it’s not registering the call at all. I can’t even go to the Phone App to answer it. I have to find track down my iPad to answer the call. The person who called me has an Android phone, so I know they didn’t call me via FaceTime.

Anyone else run into this?

Any chance you have “Silence Unknown Callers” enabled on your iPhone?

Actually yes, but the caller wasn’t unknown to me. She’s in my contacts and I’ve called her multiple times.

I’m assuming an unknown caller would have been blocked by my iPhone. My iPad is WiFi only and has no associated phone number.

It’s weird. I was sitting in front of my Mac where I can also answer calls via FaceTime. I was wearing my watch which allows me to answer calls. And I had my iPhone next to me. None of them rang or even indicated there was a call. What rang was my iPad that was on the other end of the house.

I’ve also had it where I answer a call on my phone, then a few seconds later my iPad will start to ring for the same caller.

Huh. Our situations are the same (watch/phone/Mac with WiFi iPad elsewhere), except in my case only truly unknown callers ring only on the iPad. They are silenced on the other devices because I have that behavior selected on the iPhone. So one possibility is that your watch/iPhone/Mac think the person calling is “unknown” (or potential spam…I have the AT&T spam app on my iPhone). Why that would be the case is of course a mystery, especially if she is calling from the number you have for her in your Contacts.

I haven’t, but then I turn off WiFi on my iPads if I’m not actively using them; the batteries last longer that way.