iPhone 15 reviews

PetaPixel has published a review of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max from the camera perspective.

Please share other reviews of the full iPhone 15 lineup as you find them. If there are a significant number that focus on the Pro models, we can split the topic later.

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Joanna Stern reviews the iPhone 15 series in Wall Street Journal:

And John Gruber weighs in on the titanium frame, cameras, Action button, and USB-C.

I think Gruber still hasn’t done his mandatory reading of @glennf’s excellent TidBITS articles on USB-C.

But it’s irritating, as with all things related to “USB-C” cables, that you’ll need special (and more expensive) cables to achieve those transfer speeds, and there’s no way to identify which cables support which transfer speeds just by looking at them, unless they have the Thunderbolt logo on the connector — but expensive, thick Thunderbolt cables are overkill for USB 3 data transfer.

No, really, it’s not complicated. Some poeple are making an unnecessarily big deal about what should be nothing.

It’s really very simple: if you’re concerned with getting max transfer speed, just get a TB4 cable. No, they’re not super thick and no, they’re not super expensive either. Just consider the extra $10 you spend, the fee for never again having to care about grabbing the right “USB-C cable” for data transfer. On the other hand, if all you’re interested in is charging, any legit USB-C cable will do — the iPhone will never pull more than 27W anyway. Done.