iPhone 15 and iOS 17.3.1 — forced haptics?

So my wife claims that ever since she updated her iPhone 15 to the latest and greatest iOS she’s getting haptic feedback when she changes the volume buttons. She doesn’t want that, claims it’s only been that way since she updated, and she can’t figure out how to turn that off again.

I had no idea what she was talking about because I never get haptic feedback when I change volume and I have all haptics turned on.

Turns out she has Change with Buttons set to on (which she wants) and I don’t. If I turn that on, and press volume up or down, I get haptic feedback. It only happens once until you hit the volume limit, not repeatedly. But if you stop pressing and wait for the dynamic island to disappear, you can hit volume again and the haptic feedback will be back.

Anyway, she has both Haptics set to Never Play as well as System Haptics set to off. Why is she then getting haptics? How can she stop the haptic feedback when she hits the volume buttons? (without turning off Change with Buttons which she wants on).

I’m not sure, but perhaps it’s meant to be a signal that you are changing the ringtone volume in case you are accidentally pressing the buttons? You’d probably want to know that your next phone call might have a way too loud or way too soft (if not silent) ringtone before it actually happens.

Strange. On my iPhone 13 mini (iOS 17.3.1), I don’t see this. I have “System haptics” turned off. I tested this with “Change with buttons” in both settings and don’t get haptics in either setting.

I assume you’ve tried all the obvious things like power cycling the phone and toggling the relevant options on/off (maybe rebooting between changes). Just in case there is a glitch with the saved configuration or the hardware state.

But even with system haptics turned on, I only get the haptic feedback when the buttons change the app volume. When they change the ringer volume, I don’t get haptics either way. So maybe this issue is specific to the iPhone 15.