iPhone 14 carrier lock?

So the iPhone 14 here in the States sells without a physical SIM and SIM slot. I assume that means even if you purchase the iPhone brand new from Apple without selecting a carrier it will still come with an eSIM and you’ll be required to transfer your carrier’s old hardware SIM to a new eSIM with that same carrier.

So if we for a moment assume that all works as it’s supposed to and it’s quick and convenient, and there’s no hiccups, what does that mean in terms of buying the “any carrier” model? Is there any advantage to doing that? If you select a carrier model, you’ll get a $30 “connectivity discount”. Seems like you might as well take that since you’ll have to “sign up” the iPhone with the carrier anyway thanks to eSIM. Any disadvantage in going with the carrier discounted model? Or is this Apple’s way of saying that’s a “carrier locked” model?

I’d definitely not be paying out of pocket for a phone locked to any carrier, but I might as well also get the discount if I’m going to have to “activate” with my carrier anyway.

The advantage of the no-carrier model is that you don’t have to sign up with Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. If you’re planning to sign up with one of them anyway, though, there’s no reason not to go with the cheaper option.

AT&T might be an exception. Last I heard, the other two don’t lock the phones anymore. AT&T still does, though you can get it unlocked after some time.

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Of course, but if you’re already signed up what does it matter? Bottom line, is such a new iPhone carrier locked or not?

I edited my earlier reply while you posted. I think AT&T is the only one who locks iPhones these days.

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Thank you. :+1: Got it.

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Setting up my wife’s new 14Pro with eSIM was the worse setup I have had with anything Apple in my 38 years of buying multiple Macs, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and Watches, both for home, family, and business use.

I ended up, at various points, calling both Apple and Google Fi for help. I NEVER call for help!

The iPhone setup just left me after choosing eSIM. Google’s website stops after giving you partial instructions. It is 3 hours of anxiety and frustration I hope never to repeat.