iPhone 13 upgrade promotions

I just placed the order to upgrade my old iPhone 6+ to a new 13 mini.

In doing so, I saw a Verizon promotion that may interest others. In exchange for upgrading to an unlimited data plan, Verizon is going to give me a $350 trade-in value on my old 6+ (paid over 24 months, even thought I’m paying the full price up front for the new phone :roll_eyes:). The normal trade-in value for a 6+ is $10, so this is quite the deal (assuming upgrading your data plan is acceptable, of course).

If I was trading in a more modern phone, the amount would have been even higher. Someone trading in an iPhone 12 would get $700 back - equal to the full cost of a 128G 13 mini.

Has anyone else here noticed incentive pricing from their wireless service providers?

I got $200 for a 2016 SE (which typically doesn’t even show up on the trade in lists). There was another offer for $350 but the plan would have been different. Monthly payment would have worked out the same. I got a 128gb Mini

Then with a combo package, I ended up with a 9th Gen iPad for essentially nothing.

My SO has a 10XR and I think he’ll be able to get a regular 13 (128gb) for no monthly cost as well, so we’re looking into that Monday. He made his last payment on it in May and we never considered upgrading it, but for the cost of tax and a new case it would be silly not to.

It was very interesting to see them work the numbers on this launch.


Just gives you an idea of how much they’re overcharging for their data plans.


That is true!

BTW, does anyone know when the “old and damaged” trade in promotions will end?


The trade-in offers seem to be covered by the high cost of unlimited data plans.

I’ve been thinking about switching to an alternative carrier like Visible, which is owned by Verizon but which is as low as $25/month.