iPhone 13 mini color

For an iPhone 13 mini I will be ordering online and won’t get to see in person beforehand, I am trying to decide between the Midnight or Starlight colors.

It will be kept in an Apple silicone case, and since it has such a thin bezel, not much besides the screen itself will be visible.

With my current silver iPhone 7, the bezel is white, which nicely frames the screen, and I wouldn’t mind having the same look with the 13 mini.

Is the Starlight color white, or something else?

One description I saw said it was more like champagne. Does that mean it’s on the gold side? (If so, I think I would prefer Midnight.)


Have you looked at the pictures on the Apple Store website (not the mobile app)? If you start the process to buy an iPhone 13 and select the mini, you can scroll down to the color choice and see a view of the phone from various perspectives in the chosen color.

There is no white bezel; no matter what back color you choose, the screen border will be black. With a solid color Apple Silicon case, you only peek at the phone’s frame around the buttons and bottom. You will see the body color t the camera cutout. Elsewhere, only the case color matters.

Thanks for confirming that with a case the sides of the phone aren’t visible except around the buttons and bottom, in other words, minimally. (I had looked at the Apple Store website before but couldn’t tell.)

On that basis I ordered one in Starlight.