iPhone 12 mini screen dimming vs 13 mini or regular 13

So initially I thought the display on my 12 mini was really nice. It was crisp and bright.

But truth is, most times when I need it to be brightest I’m outside in the sun and around here that usually also means it’s really warm. So eventually the phone gets hot and before you know it the screen gets dimmed so far down I can hardly read a thing on it anymore, let alone if I don’t want to remove my shades. So at this point this fancy shmancy OLED screen has essentially become less useful than the Retina I had on my 4 back in 2010. :thinking:

So, is this dimming/overheating better on the 13 mini? Or is this actually a mini issue that you wouldn’t run into on a regular 13? It would be great to hear from somebody who’s familiar with both models and lives in a warm area where this is actually an issue.

So nobody here has used both? Really?

Nice band of “enthusiasts” you are. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: