iPads with transparent screens

If Apple would offer the iPad with a transparent screen it would result in a real life computer identical to the computer used in the science fiction movie, Avatar, in the year 2154. And yes I would buy one too. Too bad most true innovation seems to be currently suspended within Apple these days as I am not aware of anything close to this concept by any other manufacturer; but is what I have been seeking for years even before I saw it in the movie. It would fulfill the need for the advantages of a desktop computer and a true portable unit in a single machine. Tim Cook, are you listening?

I can’t imagine actually using a transparent screen. Can you conceive of working and/or finding objects with the distraction of everything behind the screen, physical items behind your desk, people and pets walking by, uneven lighting, or just the color of your wall? What if there was a real window behind your desk? This type of display is just a Hollywood set designer’s creation, with too many downsides IMO to gain acceptance in real life.

Also The Expanse, circa 2300 where all the iPhone and iPad replacements had transparent screens. But they couldn’t hold a candle to the holographic displays beautifully portrayed in the series. Vision Pro without the headset.

It would depend on how it was done. It may have been not truly transparent in a way that you could look through it but it had the image on both sides, but reversed on the back so it seemed transparent.I need to watch the movie again for details but however they did it it worked. I could see how a truly transparent screen could be useful for instance in comparison an actual object with the image or in a class room where students could seen what the instructor is doing without a projector. I would expect you would be able to adjust the transparency from totally transparent to opaque depending on the need. However the concept of a desktop computer with a functional and wireless detachable screen could be incredibly useful.

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