iPad Pro Battery Life/Drain

I charge my iPad Pro 10.5”, unplug it and come back to it over night and it’s drained considerably. I know that I’m not alone in having this happen, so I’m curious what everyone else is doing to mitigate this? Do you keep your iPad plugged in until you’re ready to disconnect it and use it/take it with you? Do you quit all of the apps that are running in the background? (Does that even help?) Do you put it in Airplane mode (does that even help?) Disable Notifications? Turn it off? Is there a “stand by” mode that I’m unaware of? How do you ensure that’s full & ready to go, when you are?


I have mine plugged in while I am at work, but have it unplugged when I get home and use it more intermittently. I have had cases where the battery has dropped faster than I expect, or wake up in the morning to a very low battery, and once it died in the night, which was bad as it is my alarm. I have figured it is due to the battery getting older, but do not have a Battery Health option in Preferences. I am not sure how to maximize the life of the charge and have taken to checking the battery use and turning off background use on some apps.

I had one episode last week where the device just stopped for hours until I rebooted. That looked like this

No idea what happened. I will watch this thread for ideas on how to maximize the battery, but currently waiting for the next iPad with better screen size and memory so I can upgrade.

Whoa! That’s kinda crazy that it would do that! Like you, I’m curious why that would happen.

I plug my iPad mini 4 in every night when I go to bed and leave it on the charger until I need it the next day. Because I am using it to run Fitness+ workouts most mornings right now, I sometimes plug it in while I eat breakfast after the workout. It’s now almost four years old; the battery gets me through the day. My wife’s five year old Mini 4 (which she would charge only when it needed a charge) recently had noticeably worse battery life, so she upgraded to a Mini 5 during the Black Friday sale in late November.

Back when I traveled, I always charged it full just before I left so it can get me through the flight.

What does Settings > Battery > Last 24 Hours tell you? It’s possible you have a rogue app that legitimately needs to be force-quit. Or perhaps a restart would clear up some rogue process in the background.

If you have outlook or teams running, they can drain the battery quite fast.

My older lithium batteries in all sorts of devices seem to reach a point where the are not putting out a steady voltage. The battery monitoring system (BMS) of the system sees a dip in the output and says to itself, “Gee, the battery is almost dead, better do a shutdown.” This is even if the battery is actually 70+% charged. Different batteries, different BMSes combine make older batteries a pain. I have a cordless shaver that lasts about 2 hours before the BMS shuts it down. Plug it in for 5 seconds to reset the BMS and it is good to keep running.

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My iPad Pro, original, shows Music Background Activity taking significant battery usage. I disabled background refresh, I don’t do Apple Music.
I can barely keep the iPad charged all day with little or no use.
I see a certain charge. Close the lid and come back a few hours later and find the battery level down by several percentage points

I ultimately backed my iPad Pro up, reset it to Factory and re-installed iPadOS. It’s been great ever since!