iPad prints extremely large text

My iPad prints extremely large even though the initial text was small. Prints approximately 36-48pts. I have 2 wireless printers and it prints large on both. I don’t see that I can adjust size on iPad print dialog. How can I correct? I waste paper and ink. Thank you.

I don’t have an answer here, either; just tagging myself on this thread if someone else does.

FWIW, if I print from Pages or a PDF, it prints fine; if I print from Notes or many other apps, it is, as Tori says, HUGE font and bad columns, gutters, and line spacing. There are no page setup adjustments that I can find.

My best workaround is to copy out the text to another app, like Drafts, which prints it as you would expect with no further adjustments.

Notes can be manipulated into reasonable print sizes (though there are no actual point sizes available), but the fonts onscreen (e.g., 12 point when actually printed) just don’t seem to be at 12pt for viewing, and are too hard to read on an iPad with old eyes.

What apps are you printing from, Tori?

I have not seen this, but I use (and have used for a long time) the app called Printopia which controls wireless printing to my two printers (one color, one b/w). I also don’t often print via Notes, but I tried just now, and the text seemed normal.

I have tried printing emails and notes. I read that the printing size depends on the text size you choose to view the iPhone. I have it on large and that may be the reason. I haven’t tested this out yet although I think it’s going to be drag resetting my settings each time I want to print something from my iPhone.

Gotta love (not) Apple’s never-ending current philosophy of “don’t worry, we’ll control the setting for you”, with no override or manual function.

It’s like iCloud syncing: great when it works, unfathomable when it doesn’t, and certainly no selective syncing options to be had anywhere (all or nothing, it is). :neutral_face:

Off topic.

Once upon a time, I contacted the Help[less] Desk about the unchangeable defaults related to the user interface in some program I was required to use, since it was a bore to customize the settings every time I started the program. The IT tech understood what I wanted to do, but “The defaults are right; that’s why they’re the defaults.”

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You should check out the excellent Take Control book on Notes by Josh Centers. He provides the answer on page 24:

The Mac-only formatting options are listed there including Text Size, Text Color, Superscript and Subscript, and Alignment.

Then he writes: “While you can’t apply these formats in iOS, all except text size [my emphasis] carry over from macOS to iOS.”

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This “placation speak” CS agents seemingly get taught, to make customers feel like they’re the ones ‘doing it wrong’. Oh gord, does that bugs me.

Do companies seriously think this BS talk makes their customers feel better. Tip for them: Erm no, no it doesn’t. Surprise.