iPad mini 6th generation keyboard recommendations

I bought an iPad Mini 6th generation. It will be an “extra” for visiting grand kids. (I have to admit—it’s smaller than I thought it would be!) I’ll be using it, too, along with an iPad Air.

I want to buy a cover with a keyboard . I have been reading all the descriptions on Amazon and am totally confused. Some sound great —until you read the reviews! Does anyone have a mini 6 with a keyboard? Any recommendations? My top budget is $75.

Jane Sprando

We got this one for travel:
It’s fairly inexpensive and we haven’t had any problems with it. My only complaint is that it makes the iPad a lot heavier to carry around in a “personal item” that is already stuffed with things for international flights.

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William, did the lack of backlighting bother you at all? I was reading the reviews and many mentioned how hard it is to open. Did you find that true?

I really like the almost — full keyboard. Thanks for pointing this out to me.


The lack of backlighting hasn’t been an issue. Yes, the hinge is stiff. Hasn’t really been a problem and it keeps the case closed.

I’ve used covers w/keyboard with full-sized iPads, and found them awkward. Mostly due to the extra weight. After trading in my last full-sized for an iPad Mini a year ago and using its smaller on-screen keyboard, I thought I’d have to “bite the bullet” and buy a cover w/keyboard for it, But I’ve been trying to see if I can live without that … and have managed to do so for almost a year now. The workarounds I’ve found most useful:

  1. When at home, I stand the mini iPad up on the desk near my Mac, and use its regular keyboard:

When I travel, I use dictation + cutting & pasting on the mini a LOT. And suffer using the on-screen keyboard for actually typing anything only when I must.


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I’m a huge fan of the iPad mini. I have an iPad Pro 12" which has gotten very little use once I picked up the Mini. Frankly the weight of the 12", especially with the keyboard case, means it’s effectively a laptop. Each evening and if on the move, I reach for the mini. I can’t see myself wanting to add the weight of a keyboard case to it. Like Bob, I only type on it when I must.

Every now and then, it’s sluggish depending on what I am asking it to do (which can involved large files) and I am keen to see if an M-series version comes soon enough. It’ll be a pretty instant buy if it does.

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