iPad mini 2 using iOS 12.5.3 can't connect to Internet

This can cause real problems. Usually it is caused by one or more devices using a static IP address that conflicts with either another static IP or one dynamically assigned.

If two devices are both static and conflict, one needs to be reconfigured.

If a device is using a static IP that conflicts with a dynamic one, then one of the following is usually the cause:

  • The device’s static IP is for a different location. Change the location to one that matches the local network, like “Automatic”. This is especially important for Macs. Not so much for iOS devices, since their location is determined by the Wi-Fi SSID.
  • The device’s static IP was taken from the range of addresses that the local DHCP server (usually a router) is using for dynamic addresses. Change the static address to be outside this range or reconfigure the router to change the range.

If your device has a dynamic address and is still in conflict with another device, then there may be a bigger problem (like a bug in the DHCP server, in your case), because DHCP is supposed to detect this situation and request a new address when it happens.

No static addresses that I see, Location is Automatic, and no duplicated IP addresses, according to my router. Thans for your suggestion. As perhaps previously mentioned, I may just buy a new iPad which supports current iOS versions.

UPDATE-ISSUE SOLVED. Verizon sent a new router, and the problem has resolved itself, the Mini 2 now has internet connectivity. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Now, just have to decide if I should get a new iPad or not!