iPad Air 5 flimsy?

Does anyone have an iPad Air 5, when did you get it, and do you like the build quality? I’ve been considering getting one because my Air 2 is quite slow at maneuvering pdfs, but the new Space Manager and the better Files app is pushing the schedule even to the point of installing 16 betas (I realize that apps will have to support SM).

There were many reports after the Air 5 came out that the back panel is flimsier than the Air 4, but I haven’t heard much since. I did see a few posts on reddit that after an exchange it was better.

Pretty much no chance that I can meet one in person first, and returning things is a real pain (no car, no walking-distance shipping drop offs). Sadly, I can’t justify using a possible build weakness to justify an iPad Pro, only to justify getting nothing. [What I really want is a 13" (or better, 15") iPad Air–I have a lot of use for a bigger display, but none for the other ‘pro’ features].

Two week old iPad Air 5. So far it’s an excellent machine with no signs of this issue so far.

I have an Air 4, my sister just got an Air 5, and we’re together today. I just tried them both out. I can’t tell any difference at all. I did try pressing against the back while both of them were out of their cases (we are both using the Apple smart folio, which wraps around the back), and both show pressure artifacts on the display (e.g., weird color circle in front of where you are pressing). The 5 is in no way any different from a stability point of view from the 4. I don’t think you could tell the difference if somebody handed you one of each and asked you to guess which is which.

I’m not sure if Apple fixed this problem, or if it ever was a problem in the first place, and people either never noticed the issue in the Air 4, or were just looking for something to write about.

It’s a non-issue IMHO.

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Belated* thanks for the reassurance. My Air 2 also has some screen warping on occasion, so that’s not a problem, though it’s somewhat annoying. The initial bad reports included crackling noises as well though. I saw a bit of speculation that maybe the batteries weren’t properly glued in.

Now I just have to sort out my too-many-devices apple authorizations. My oldest seem to have dropped off the list because I never let them have network, but there are enough still network-active ones that getting two more (the air and an iphone se) will probably cause me some trouble. I’d rather not get into the family sharing mess if I can avoid it.

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