iOS vs. Emergency Alerts

Anyone else not being notified about incoming Emergency Alerts?

I’ve been getting emergency alerts for curfews, but I’m not getting alerted that they’ve come. The alerts come to the phone, but the phone doesn’t make a sound, vibrate, or pass the message to my apple watch. I only find out about them if I turn the phone on for something else, or notice an email alert from a different source on my imac.

Emergency Alerts and Public Safety Alerts are enabled in the phone Notifications, and Notifications settings for Phone and Messages are mirrored to the watch. I have no problem getting alerted on the watch for alarms I’ve set in the Alarmed iOS app and the watch icon for ‘connected to the phone’ is green. I’ve rebooted both the watch (4, 6.1.1) and the phone (8, 13.4.1) with no improvement.

It would be kind of nice if Emergency Alerts actually did the Alerting part. Especially once we get real-time earthquake alerts, where seconds matter (next year, with luck).

Do Not Disturb turned on? Theatre mode enabled?

I live in Alameda County, CA. Late yesterday afternoon, my phone went off like a screaming banshee for the curfew emergency alert. I haven’t had that happen since I turned off Amber Alert Notification. Nothing showed up on my watch.

Note (for those who have forgotten): The controls for Government Alerts are at the bottom of Settings->Notifications

As a side note, whoever wrote the alert did not actually comprehend the curfew proclamation. The alert said one needed to stay indoors, while the proclamation said one needed to stay on private, improved property. So being outside on your patio or in your backyard was OK.

We’ve been getting them on our 8+ phones running the latest iOS, and my husband is getting them on his first generation Apple Watch. Our old and trusty 4S models are not receiving the alerts that have been sent out over the last few days, though they have been getting them in the past. We’re in New York City and have been getting them from different state and city sources, and the info about curfew times, availablity of public transportation, etc. has been accurate.

Indeed. It also didn’t mention people traveling between work and home were exempt or that the curfew was in fact not just for last night, but for every night until Fri 5am.

I disabled amber alters a while ago., After the poor wording chosen for this one, I’m contemplating turning off these alerts as well. Too little signal, too much noise.

I have all of them disabled because I was getting alerts from geographic locations that aren’t germane to me.

Same here. I turned them all off years ago when I started getting “severe weather” alerts at 3:00am for weather that was nothing more than an ordinary thunderstorm.