iOS updates and badges

So in the past I was used to my iPhone showing a badge whenever an iOS update was available. In fact, I considered it quite a nuisance there was no way of getting rid of that badge after I had acknowledged the update was available but wasn’t interested in installing it.

Now, I notice there’s no badge at all despite Settings > General > Software Update telling me 11.3.1 is available for download. Now through other channels I’m aware that update was released, but had I not been, I would have had no idea Apple had released an update.

New iOS behavior or bug?

Yeah. The badge doesn’t show up until the update has already been downloaded.

There’s always an un-badged interval between the time the update is released (and will be available for download on your specific instructions) and the time the update has auto-downloaded and the device starts encouraging you to install it.


Where do I select to not have it auto-download at all?

Not an option.

Get a flip phone?

About the best you can do is always turn off wi-fi whenever you charge the device. It (mostly) won’t download updates with cell data, because most are bigger than the max size allowed to download via cell. Once it does get downloaded (because remembering to turn off wi-fi is hard), you can go into Manage Storage and delete it to reduce the chances of accidentally installing it.

It’s not worth the trouble for minor updates, but I can’t allow 11 on the iPad without losing a lot of software and books to the ravenous 32-bit devouring monster.

Thanks, Gastropod. :slight_smile: That was actually helpful.

Sure enough, forgot wifi and this night it downloaded the whole enchilada (~450 MBs even though SU originally claimed it was a ~32 MB download) while charging. Thanks to your tip I found it and deleted it. When Apple pays for my wifi bill and gives me free storage I’ll let them decide what gets downloaded. Until then, my phone my rules.

Where would I find that download. My phone (6s) has been bugging me to
update which I politely decline. I do, however, charge my phone with WiFi
active. So I’m interested in knowing where to look for this download if
it took place.



@gastropod pointed me towards it.

Settings > General > iPhone Storage > scroll down the list until you see the update. Then you can swipe to delete.