iOS update discrepancy between iTunes and iPhone

Earlier today I installed the macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update on my MacBook Pro 2017 15-in.

Afterwards I connected my iPhone 7 (iOS 12.4) to the computer and opened iTunes, which said, “iOS 12.4: Your iPhone software is up to date.”

Also, when I clicked Check for Update, it said, “The version of the iPhone software (12.4) is the current version.”

Then, when I opened my iPhone and went to Settings > General > Software Update, it offered to update iOS to 12.4.1, which I did.

My question is, why the discrepancy?

Thank you,


No idea. Exact same setup with different result. iTunes was ready to update to iOS 12.4.1 as soon as I attached the iPhone 7.

Considering the hundreds of millions of devices that Apple has to update, it’s entirely possible that there was a communication error with an update server when you were using iTunes that had been resolved or that was redirected to a different update server by the time you used the iPhone.

When OS updates come out, various TidBITS writers often see them appear at different times. I wouldn’t read anything into it at all.

And I see exactly the same thing that David does. I’ve never seen
iTunes report the existence of a new iOS update until after I click the
“Check for Updates” button, and I’ve done quite a few updates. I wonder
if it’s because I’m using an iPhone 6S.