iOS slidy keyboard recommendations?

Does anyone have views on the comparative accuracy of the various “slide to type” keyboards for iOS?

I wanted to have the number row always visible, so I’ve been using Microsoft’s SwiftKey instead of the Apple keyboard that ships with iOS. But SwiftKey often makes a poor job of deciphering what I slide. I’ve reverted to the Apple keyboard for the moment, but I wondered if anyone had compared the predictive skills of the various keyboards available. A quick web search didn’t turn up anything.

I’ve just come back to an iPhone after a couple of years in the wilderness, where I found the slidy keyboard that ships with stock Android to be very good. But that was a fairly large phone, whereas now I have an iPhone 13 mini. My fingers aren’t large, but it’s still a very small keyboard and maybe that’s the basic problem :slight_smile:

Privacy concerns aside, I typically use Gboard, but I suspect that’ll not go over well in this discussion. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Bryce_Wray! I had no idea Gboard was available for iOS. If you use the slide feature, do you find it accurate?

I’m trying to stay away from Google, but that’s no reason for anyone to be snarky to those who aren’t.

In my unscientific tests I’ve decided that the stock Apple keyboard is considerably more accurate than SwiftKey. But I do miss the number row.

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I’d say that Gboard is better than nothing, but it’s not as nice (IMHO), especially where word predictions are concerned, as the built-in Apple “slider” keyboard on an iPhone. It gripes my cookies that the iPad can’t have that one, too, but I don’t get to make those calls.