iOS MS Remote Desktop rescaling windows

At work we have a system that runs Windows 10 that I unfortunately need to access remotely. Our PC people set up MS Remote Desktop so I can now access it from my Mac through VPN from anywhere. Works great.

Problem is my iPhone. The MS Remote Desktop app on the iPhone works fine too, but it has this tendency to rescale the server’s display to match the iPhone aspect ratio. And it’s really aggressive about it too. When I log back onto the Win box from my Mac all the app windows on the Win system are moved to the upper left corner and some have been resized too. I guess this is done to make the Win display fit the iPhone’s aspect ratio and that’s great if you use only one type of client, but I find it a pain going back and forth between various clients - especially when they’re as different as an iPhone SE and a MBP with 27" external display.

Is anybody here aware of a setting on the iOS MS RD client that would tell it to not resize and instead I’d just have to scroll around on the iPhone? I would prefer that over having all my windows moved and/or resized. I tried to find a pref like that, but no dice so far.

I’ve run into the same issue with MSRD for years and years; numerous feedbacks asking for this setting have gone unheeded.

Using clients like LogMeIn (paid subscription) or TeamViewer (free), as well as other free VNC apps offer the resolution respect you’re after.

If installing a pure VNC host on the server isn’t an option (note that MSRD is really just a slick VNC wrapper using a core of standard, open source protocols and APIs), and some third party apps are available to use that wrapper protocol), the only other thing I can suggest is installing a window-arranging app that keeps windows arranged by resolution. But if you can install that, I’d sooner install TeamViewer or the like.

PS: what you want to search for are iOS clients that support MS RDP directly; the good ones cost $10-$25.

Remote Desktop Protocol is an extension of a standardized protocol but not one used for VNC. RDP, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer all are quite distinct from VNC and probably each other, they’re certainly not interoperable.

I would look for a third party RDP iOS client with a “scroll, don’t scale” option before trying a third party remote desktop server.

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Thanks for the advice. Bummer MS doesn’t have a setting for that. I’ll see if I can try another client.

Now I finally get it. Team Viewer is not just another client for MS’ RDT, it’s for another protocol. Vanilla VNC or not, it’s not a client for a box running only RDT. I can’t modify the Win box. So following Curtis’ advice, I’ll see if I can come across a 3rd-party client for MS’ RDT that offers such a setting. Thanks for the tips, everybody.