iOS draining battery on 13.5.1?

In the past few days, both my wife and I have seen our iOS devices show significant draining of the battery overnight. My iPad was dead yesterday morning and her iPhone was dead this morning. My devices are showing that the Music app has been active during the night (I listen to music occasionally, this was happening on both my iPhone and iPad)

I do not see anything reported on the web with this particular iOS update, but has anyone else noticed this?

Do you sync to your Mac or to iCloud? If it’s to the Mac, have you recently upgraded to Catalina? (lots of album art shenanigans going on there) Have you tried force quitting Music after use?

I see this every time I update! It usually calms down in about a week. I did not go to iOS 13 on my SE and this was one of the reasons (though I’ve since had a battery replacement)


The update may be the factor. We backup with iCloud and iMazing, but that had not changed. I was just surprised when two units were completely depleted by morning and was hoping it was not due to my network or setup (though I could not think of anything).

It may be the iCloud backup since the system update probably changed a lot. Will watch over the next few days.