iOS Calendars Supporting CalDAV

Other than Fantastical or BusyCal are there other iOS calendars that allow adding CalDAV calendars? I use Fruux where I have tasks calendars in addition to event calendars and looking for other alternatives that will sync those tasks calendars (Calendar 5 and Calendars by Readdle, do not.)

Isn’t 2Do from the same people who make BusyCal now? I’ve been trying to work out whether I want BusyCal or 2Do. But both support CalDAV tasks.

Of course, there is always Apple’s Reminders. Reminders can still use CalDAV tasks, you just don’t configure your iCloud Reminders and you lose a lot of (in my view, highly inconsequential) modern features.

2Do is from a different company than BusyCal. I like the layout of 2Do and it syncs with Fruux. Interestingly, if one turns the iPhone to landscape, one can also see events scheduled for the day and add events as well. The Events screen appears automatically on iPad with attached keyboard since it is in landscape view by default.

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Mmm, the author seems to think he’s now looking after both apps …

Apart from CalDAV there is the fact that they are all native apps, which is pretty special.

I don’t know, I’ll probably just own both. I also need the Mac versions. CalDAV is such a strange corner case nowadays, sadly.

Wow! I stand corrected. He does say he’s the "proud new owner of BusyCal and BusyContacts. I was basing my comment on different company names. I knew John Chaffee, original BusyMac owner/develper had sold it in 2017 to start a new venture, but didn’t realize this guy was the one who bought it. Thanks, Sabahattin.

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