iOS apps for diabetics

I’m a type two diabetic and am looking for apps to help me understand and monitor my condition. At this point, my blood glucose is normal as a result of weight loss and dietary changes alone. (I’m not taking any drugs or insulin.)

I currently using:

  1. Apple’s Health app to monitor my weight
  2. My glucose meter and its app to monitor my fasting blood sugar.

I’m looking for an iOS-based food tracker to monitor my carbohydrate consumption.

What iOS apps have other diabetics found useful?

There’s interesting article that ran in The NY Times recently:

Lose It for carb counting. Calorie King for looking up nutritional info of foods.

These look like expensive solutions - not sure why the NYT forgot their commission tags…

iHealth iGlucose meters have worked very well for me and are certainly not at the price points that they are looking at. If you are type I diabetic, I am not, then there are proper realtime solutions that will be safer and more healthy for you.

Getting diabetic health advice from the NYT is not something I would suggest to anyone, talk to a medical professional… not a journalist.

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Take a look at Fat Secret. I use it to keep track of calories for my Wife, but I believe it would help with carbs, as well.

I’ll second Fat Secret. I use it to track a ketogenic eating plan (so carbs, for sure) and it’s easy to use and helpful.