iOS app restore

Since iTunes no longer does apps…when one buys a new iPhone now and does a restore from backup…do all the apps need to be redownloaded over the air rather than loaded from my laptop? If so…this might force me to actually step Configurator 2 fully. Since full time RV life doesn’t include unlimited or fast bandwidth folks like me need to worry about that.


I would recommend planning to find a place with fast Internet and no restrictions (a library, Apple Store, Starbucks, etc.) and plan to spend a few hours there if you need to load a new iPhone.

That’s our normal alternate plan…but then we tend to look for places like that a lot anyway if we need bandwidth to get OS updates and the like.

Ok…follow up question. If one backs up the phone to the laptop and restores to the new phone…do home screen layouts and list of installed apps need to be redone as well…or does the new phone get app list and layouts and then just get the apps from the App Store?

I don’t know what you mean by “list of installed apps”, but doing a restore from either iCloud or iTunes will preserve home screen icon layouts, folders, etc., and the App Store will download apps from the App Store.

Thanks Doug…home scree layout restoration and download of apps from store is what I meant.