iOS: Any way to block incoming phone calls by Name, rather than by individual number?

Somehow my cell number got on a list and I now receive 12 to 18 calls per day from the same small town near where I live, although each call uses a different number.

I have set my phone to silence all calls not in my Contacts list, which at least reduces by 95% the number of time my cell rings, but I still have dozens of calls from this town and either block each number individually or just ignore the ever growing list.

Given the odds that I would receive a “real” phone call from someone in this small town are quite low, is there any way I can set up my cell to simply reject out of hand any call originating from this town? i.e. filter by town name rather than by phone number?

What cell service do you have? ATT has Call Protect which might help with spammers as I use that on my cell. NomoRobo also has a service which has a cost but is free for regular home phones. I don’t think you can filter by town and even if you did, it might not work since spammers can spoof the numbers in various ways. I noticed that my amount of spam calls has gone done quite a bit in the last few months so maybe there have been some better filters put in place by the phone companies to stop these calls.

I use Consumer Cellular which runs on either T-Mobile or AT&T. My cell uses AT&T.

I would check to see if Call Protect is available then but I don’t know how that works with providers like yours that lease services from the larger companies like ATT.

I use HiYa combined with Verizons call block (still get calls though)


I too have been besieged with unknown calls - about 12 a day - seemingly out of nowhere for the last 2 weeks. Springtime for spammers I guess. I block every caller, but there seems to be no end. Thank goodness I found the option on the phone to silence them. I have T-Mobile and I downloaded their Scam Shield app, but it did not seem to do anything other than silence them so I deleted it.

Last year one of my e-mail addresses got nabbed and I started receiving over 100 junk mails a day. Finally after a few weeks of ignoring and deleting them it subsided and went back to “normal” (1-2 a day). I’m hoping for the same with the phone calls.