iOS 16 New Features No One Mentioned

I’ve just downloaded iOS 16 and found two features I never heard anyone mention.

  • Print Center: This app shows up in your in the active apps you see when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen (at least in iPadOS 16). It shows what you’re printing and gives you a print queue.
  • Notes: When you type something like 30 lbs in Notes, and press Done, a grey line appears under that number. Click on it, and you get a conversion list.

You can see the grey line under 1000 and 40. On the right, I clicked on the 20 in 20 quarts and got a whole lot of conversion options.

Anyone found any other unmentioned feature?


This has been around for a while. Print from iPad - Apple Support

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It’s now also in iOS 16. I never saw Print Center before. It would be nice if it was a bit more visible.

It’s been in iOS too since at least iOS 12, but agreed it is not very discoverable.

The conversion feature looks great! Does it work with currencies?


Found a few more:

  • When you connect AirPods to your iPhone, there’s now an entry in Settings to configure the AirPods rather than having to go into Bluetooth, select the AirPods, and then find the configuration there.
  • You can now delete all completed reminders without having to resort to a writing a Shortcut. Completed reminders are listed, and there’s an option to clear them.
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