iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Virtual Keyboards Now Support Dvorak

Originally published at: iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Virtual Keyboards Now Support Dvorak - TidBITS

If you use the Dvorak keyboard layout, you can now implement it for the onscreen keyboard in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Though it may be of limited use on the iPhone, an on-screen Dvorak on the iPad means that, for the first time, it’s possible for us Dvorak users to touch-type on the iPad screen in Dvorak layout. This is a complete game changer. I have waited a long time for this! Unfortunately, there’s no option to flick down for special characters, but still, it’s a great start! Now how long to wait for the Bépo layout …


I will find it useful on both iPhone and iPad because I won’t need to hunt for the letter I want.

Ha! Guess I’m getting really old; I saw the tease on the front page “Dvorak on IOS 16 and iPadOS 16” and thought that you had a column by John Dvorak…

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My very first computer, an Apple IIc, had a mechanical switch that allowed the keyboard to be DVORAK or QWERTY. I tried to use the former, but was never successful. So I won’t be using it on my iDevices or Macs.

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I tried to use the Dvorak keyboard for a while. Got my typing speed almost up to what had been my previous level. But the deal-breaker for me was keyboard commands. After so many years of using cut-and-paste, I quickly tired of quitting programs instead of cutting text.

Apple provides a layout called Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘ to deal with that problem.

I’ve been using the Dvorak layout on my computers since the Apple II (where three of the keys were mislocated); but I’m staying with QWERTY on my iPhone. I tried the Dvorak layout, I’m forced to think about the location of a character before I can type it. My muscle memory using QWERTY is faster.