iOS 16 alarm volume

Installed iOS16. Now alarms of all types have a very low volume. When you test a new sound, the volume is right but as soon as you set it and retry it is very low.
Is this a bug or is there some setting to correct this?

Does turning off “Settings / Sounds & Haptics / Change with Buttons” help?

(I just recently found this…)

Sorry, no change

thanks my issue has been fixed.

I assume you have checked the volume level in Control Center.

Likewise, I assumed you saw that right above “Settings / Sounds & Haptics / Change with Buttons” is the “RINGTONE AND ALERT VOLUME” slider?

(I keep that all the way up and “Change with Buttons” off, and I still don’t hear alerts…sigh.)

@Will_B I have the volume all the way up. “Change with Buttons” on and off give the same results
Volume in Control Center up 80%
No improvement
Where can I report the bug, because it seems to be one?