iOS 16.5.1 killed my hearing aids

I use my iPad and iPhone to adjust the settings of my hearing aids

Immediately upon installing the 16.5.1 update I lost that capability

And I’ve not been able to recover.

Any suggestions ?


Hello Jerry,
This is not helpful but my Rexton hearing aids still work with 16.5.1. Have you tried a reboot of your iDevice? Are you using an app or just control center?

EVERY time iOS updates, the Bluetooth connection to my Phonak hearing aids has to be re-established (Settings > Bluetooth > yourhearingaidnamehere)

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Assuming it’s not a transient glitch that’s resolved by rebooting the device, the most likely culprit is the app you use for controlling settings having some issue with something that changed in the OS update. The obvious thing to try is to reinstall the app, but that may break the connection between the app and your hearing aids. So you’ll want to contact support for the app. There should be an app help link either in the app or on the app’s App Store page.

The app I,m using is part of iOS


I’ll try that. Mine are ReSiund


Just control center I’ll try a reset


I’ve been trying to help my father with his Re:Sound hearing aids, prior to the 16.5.1 update, and although they work fine with iOS, I can’t get the app to connect to the hearing aids. I don’t know if that’s due to a recent iOS update, or some other issue. For now, he’s just getting by with the built-in hearing aid features.