iOS 16.1.2

So what’s the word on this latest update? Anything specific other than Apple’s usually terse (to put it mildly) “release notes”? And are we really forced to go through some kind of tutorial to get rid of another red badge? Is that perhaps only for iPhone 14 Pro users? :crossed_fingers:

There will be more on the Security patches after they get fixed for other OSs, hopefully soon.

I don’t understand what tutorial you are referring to here. Not seeing any reference to that in the article you referenced and there is no red badge on my iPhone 13mini after the 6.1.2 update. Is this in reference to your wife’s VoiceMail badge again?

It’s related to Emergency SOS stuff, so presumably something only 14 Pro users have to deal with.


Darn, I hoped it would fix the bug introduced with iOS 16.1 that requires me to “trust” my iMac EVERY time I back up my iDevices! This didn’t happen with iOS 16.0.3 and below. I could understand it IF it was a one-time thing after installing 16.1 but it isn’t. If I do another backup even a few minutes after doing one using the same iMac, I have to enter my iDevice login password, no Face ID or Touch ID allowed. It happens whether I use iTunes or iMazing, and is annoying.

Well here it is! :+1: