iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 Now Available

Followup. If I touch “customize” in the framed section I can remove/delete those widgets.

So what’s the purpose of the framed section?

Those are widgets for apps that haven’t updated to the new iOS 14 widget style.

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Aha. Thanks.

I had the same experience as @ddmiller reported earlier today - syncing my iPhone SE2nd on an MBP running Mojave worked after installing an iTunes patch that came when a dialog popped up after clicking on the update button. Total installation time was about 20 minutes (not including the download). Swiping past the last home screen brings up the new app library.

I’ve been running the Public Betas on my iPhone and iPad starting with the 2nd one. I was surprised how few problems I had with apps. I would get security warnings but almost everything ran fine. The one big exception was Marvel Unlimited not running for a week on one Public Beta but that was fixed with the next PB (in other words MU wasn’t updated, Apple fixed the bug it introduced). I now have everything on the release version (iPad, iPhone, Watch) and all seems OK. I am sure there are apps that need updates to fix stuff but it is seems a much better situation than when iOS 13 was released.

Some Watch owners are reporting battery drain and it might be related to the hand washing feature.

Apple Discussions for Homepod and Apple TV Hardware are filling up with complaints about tvOS14 e.g. remote no longer recognised and Homepods not recognised. Fortunately I managed to turn off “automatic updates” on my Apple TV before it installed tvOS.

As I was typing this my ATV asked if I wanted to install the update. I selected “Later”!

BTW - Apple Support is recommending this page for users who are having problems with ATV apps:

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I did the Apple TV update and no problem. But I don’t use an Apple remote, I use my Harmony remote and my iPhone to control the Apple TV. No problems so far. So another reason not to use the Apple remote.

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My remote works fine on my updated tvOS

I do not like the App Library.

It is ridiculous that I cannot edit the names, tiles, etc.

It is ridiculous that that the lower right 4 app spot can show 4 apps with notifications that are not accurate to the apps shown. Example Dropbox shows 2. Click on Dropbox. App Library opens a window with even more apps. Dropbox has no notifications. Reminder has 2 notifications. And yes, I have provided online feedback to Apple.

BTW, I found it interesting that 2 home screens are expected as seen when editing Home Screen after removing all apps from home screens.

BTW2, I deleted all the apps from Home Screen. I exited editing. I now had an empty Home Screen. Why do I need an empty Home Screen?

Only if you want a clean view of your wallpaper.


I’ve been on iOS14 since late Wednesday, but Spotlight search still does not show iOS apps downloaded to my iPhone. The search at the top of the App Library works well, but navigating to there is a pain. Is there a way to quickly go from the any Home Screen to the App Library? Since I have hundred of apps (many in folders), paging through all of them to get to the App Library is cumbersome.

Note that when you start typing in Spotlight search, a Search in Apps section appears. However, the only 2 options are to Search App Store or Search Maps. This would a logical place for a Search App Library option.

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Normal Spotlight search on my iPhone finds apps in my App Library. I hardly “need” to go to the App Library.

Maybe reboot phone?

It is possible for the Spotlight index to get corrupted. A search on “voice” will never show Apple’s own Voice Memos app on my iPhone, and the problem has persisted across multiple iOS versions and even multiple iPhones. I have no idea how to fix it, apart from setting up the iPhone from scratch sometime. Luckily, it’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to search for that hasn’t been found properly.

Did not know that.

I wonder if Spotlight would need rebuilding if you change the iPhone language to a different one, and then change it back to English.

Thanks, Chick and Adam.

I did a search on rebuilding the index and found hints that changing the language settings might work and a reset might work. I toggled my settings from English (US) to French and did a soft reset (Volume up, Volume Down, Hold the side button), I then changed back and did another soft reset. However, there was no change.

Since I may be getting a phone in a month or two, I resist doing a hard reset now as that would involve recreating my Credit Card Wallet and Apple Pay setup. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for other suggestions in the meantime.

This at least gets me to the App Library quickly.

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Indeed! I just discovered this trick—swiping on the Home screen dots—the other day too.

FYI, beware moving widgets onto Home screens with folders.

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I am with you. I still have High Sierra on my Macs and 11.4 on my 6 SE, and my older Apple products have the Steve Jobs approved operating systems, (you know: When your device did the simple work for you, like magic.)
I wish at least one of the new devices and their operating system would be finished before they put it on sale. But, there seems to be a market for unfinished stuff that needs upgrades and debugging every month until the newest incomplete thing is released.


Updating the Apple Watch has become an exercise in futility for people like me who don’t have access to lightening-fast internet. The length of time to complete even the smallest watchOS update is ridiculous. There has to be a way to make this go faster and not take hours. I certainly won’t be updating to watchOS 7 no matter how many useful features they have packed into it. Apple, instead of concentrating only on new stuff to pack into the Watch, how about coming up with a new way to sync these updates that doesn’t take forever? What I would love is being able to connect it to my Mac instead of my iPhone and downloading an update that way, directly, the way we used to do with iPhone in iTunes.