iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 Now Available

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Apple has released updated operating systems for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. We recommend waiting a few weeks before installing, in part so developers who were taken by surprise can update their apps.

Don’t rush to install iOS14:


I haven’t seen any such problem with any of the apps I use daily on my iPad. I did check out one app that my granddaughter uses (Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp) since it was mentioned in the article and can confirm that it does crash immediately after launching to the splash screen, so check around to see how big a problem this actually is before you jump on it.

Developers have had since Sep 9 to check out their apps with this build of iOS 14, so perhaps the real problem was the late release of Xcode 12 iOS SDK yesterday.

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Update: Animal Crossing was updated today and appears to be working with iOS 14 now.

I went ahead and updated my iPhone 7 before I started on my way to the hospital for an echo cardio gram. Suddenly my music library would not play through the car’s system, a 2020 Camry. On the way I listened through the phone but when parked at the hospital, I fiddled with the system a bit and thought immediately that I should have listened to Josh’s warning. The Toyota system is managed by an app called Entune and I immediately thought I’d need to get the update. Meanwhile I turned off the phone and the Toyota sound system, restarted and the connection became established. Never happened that way with any previous IOS updates but maybe this will help others with a similar system.

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Has anyone tried (successfully or unsuccessfully) to sync an iDevice running iOS 14 with an older Mac using iTunes? In the public beta, it was not supported (as I discovered when syncing an iPad Pro with my MacPro still in High Sierra), did this functionality get added back?

How old a Mac? I just was able to sync my iPhone to a MBA running Mojave and iTunes (i had to install an iTunes patch first, prompted by the connection of the phone.)

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Don’t feel bad, I almost never follow my own advice about new releases. :blush: Except for my iMac, which is still on Mojave until Apple pries it from my cold, dead hands.

I’ve heard about some other iOS 14 bugs:

  • Default browser and email clients being reset after a reboot.

  • Slow typing speeds with external keyboards in iPadOS.

  • Springboard crashes when moving certain apps to the Home Screen from App Library.

Well, Josh, I also ran into a first-time problem trying up update my series 3 watch today. I kept getting the not enough space alert. Frankly I’ve pretty much left the watch to itself so when it came to removing music and photos, there were none to be removed. After several tries at removing apps, I finally cleared all that could be removed and still got the “space” message. I finally chose the unpair/pair method and that’s where I’m currently sitting, downloading the update file for what seems like the longest ever time. I’m sure this will work out but I’m sure wondering about the size of the watch update.

I wonder if Apple is going to throw Big Sur at us right away too.

The widgets and stacks on home screens are quite cool and useful. But I can no longer make heads or tails of how to use the old widgets screen on the far left. I can’t seem to control content and position, etc. What’s it there for now? Why doesn’t it work like on the other home screens?

excellent, thanks! That is what also happened for iOS 13. In other words, I can keep happily using my High Sierra iTunes library with its meticulously curated playlists, and upgrade to iOS 14 (in a day or two…)

It sort of does. With the phone unlocked, go to the widget screen and long-press on any blank space between widgets. This starts jiggle mode and you can rearrange the icons, delete any of them, or add more by hitting the plus icon in the top left. Then tap done in the top right when everything is as you like it.

Hmm… I’m not really getting it. I can get jiggle mode. I have one “See what’s new in iOS 14” widget on top and then below that there is a framed section (a stack) with widgets in it. I can’t change the position of those two items. Nor can I get rid of the widgets or move them around inside that framed section.

I think the framed section were my original widgets from before upgrading.

Followup. If I touch “customize” in the framed section I can remove/delete those widgets.

So what’s the purpose of the framed section?

Those are widgets for apps that haven’t updated to the new iOS 14 widget style.

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Aha. Thanks.

I had the same experience as @ddmiller reported earlier today - syncing my iPhone SE2nd on an MBP running Mojave worked after installing an iTunes patch that came when a dialog popped up after clicking on the update button. Total installation time was about 20 minutes (not including the download). Swiping past the last home screen brings up the new app library.

I’ve been running the Public Betas on my iPhone and iPad starting with the 2nd one. I was surprised how few problems I had with apps. I would get security warnings but almost everything ran fine. The one big exception was Marvel Unlimited not running for a week on one Public Beta but that was fixed with the next PB (in other words MU wasn’t updated, Apple fixed the bug it introduced). I now have everything on the release version (iPad, iPhone, Watch) and all seems OK. I am sure there are apps that need updates to fix stuff but it is seems a much better situation than when iOS 13 was released.

Some Watch owners are reporting battery drain and it might be related to the hand washing feature.

Apple Discussions for Homepod and Apple TV Hardware are filling up with complaints about tvOS14 e.g. remote no longer recognised and Homepods not recognised. Fortunately I managed to turn off “automatic updates” on my Apple TV before it installed tvOS.

As I was typing this my ATV asked if I wanted to install the update. I selected “Later”!

BTW - Apple Support is recommending this page for users who are having problems with ATV apps:

I did the Apple TV update and no problem. But I don’t use an Apple remote, I use my Harmony remote and my iPhone to control the Apple TV. No problems so far. So another reason not to use the Apple remote.