iOS 14 beta 2: no more option to hide Apple Music

As somebody who has zero interest in subscribing to Apple Music I have enjoyed the iOS Music app setting to hide Apple Music. So I read with great surprise that apparently that setting has disappeared in the latest iOS 14 beta.

A couple options.

  1. Hiding it will be the default in iOS 14 and Apple Music only appears in the Music app for those who have already bought it.

  2. Apple Music will always be displayed in the Music app. Those who already buy it want it there and those who haven’t yet subscribed shall be forcefully reminded they absolutely need it. Services!

  3. This is just an issue in this particular beta. The toggle will be back in the shipping release version of iOS 14.

Considering in iOS 14, you can hide home pages, is this really needed? You could put Apple Music on a home page along with all the other apps you wish never see the light of day, and hide that page.

Apple Music will still show up in the App Library, but I don’t know if hiding Apple Music also hid it in the App Library anyway.

It’s not about hiding the Music app. It’s about hiding Apple Music subscription stuff within the Music app. iOS 13 offers a toggle for this in Music settings. In this beta that toggle is gone.