iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, macOS 11.4 Big Sur, watchOS 7.5, and tvOS 14.6

Originally published at: iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, macOS 11.4 Big Sur, watchOS 7.5, and tvOS 14.6 - TidBITS

Apple has released operating system updates to add support for paid podcast subscriptions and Apple Card Family, along with enhanced privacy and anti-stalking protections for AirTags.

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After the last set of ephemeral updates I think I will wait for 14.6.1 releases!
I will keep an eye out for a Mojave security update (which is obscured by Big Sur nagging).

Sure enough Mojave security update 2021-004 is out. A 1.87Gb download (this might be an earlier update that I missed)

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You didn’t miss anything, it was just released to the public today. You probably also noted that it wasn’t fully obscured by Big Sur nagging, just a little more difficult to find.

Security-Update 2021-004 for Mojave is causing connection problems for our AD network users connecting to file-servers. (Tentatively, looks like LDAP authentication is failing.)

Problem does not affect users under local user accounts on their Macs.

Maybe wait and see how that shakes out before installing any of this week’s Apple updates in enterprise.

tvOS 14.6 has that resolution I needed to avoid overscan on my ancient TV: 1024x768. It was not available on tvOS 14.5. Yay.

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This Apple discussion is about Homekit breaking after the 14.6 update:

That thread has one serious HomeKit user who has a set up that is made to test the mettle of any code. Seriously. Wow

I agree a sample of one is not credible but I will still wait for 14.6.1 before upgrading, just in case. I will monitor discussions on other websites…

No problems with HomeKit and 14.6 here, and I’ve been creating an increasingly complex setup.

Battery issues with 14.6 reported here:

As has been covered previously by Tidbits, that article points out that some background activities can be expected to drain the battery for a few days after installation of a major iOS update.