iOS 14/15 Phone/Watch Update Experience

I am curious as to why iPhone, and Apple watch software does not actually indicate
in their software update alerts/notices: to which versions and sequence these devices should be updated to in order to complete the latest updates, and upgrade.
I eventually gleaned from the internet that iOS 15 is required before updating the watch
to version 8.
The only notice the watch software and iPhone Watch App mentions is simply, or basically, update before updating. Not really an intuitively helpful process.
Which leads me to my other question … How’s it going with the new iOS 15, should one, as usually advised, wait for iOS 15.1 before updating the watch??
I am sort of eager to see what Watch 8 adds to features on my watch. But a bit hesitant on the iOS 15 “Upgrade

Same here with iOS15 (not much help to you, I’m afraid!)

Most of the complaints about iOS 15 are about features which are unlikely to change with 15.1. There are some bugs, many of which will undoubtedly be fixed shortly, but none of them affect my use of 15/8 on my iPhone 7, iPad Pro 10.5" or Watch series 4.

I have the latest for iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS. No issues.