iOS 13.2 Delete All in Junk folder actually deletes Inbox messages

After updating to iOS 13.2 I went through my INBOX. Then jumped over to the JUNK folder. Scanned down through those emails to see if there was anything of interested. In the JUNK folder I then selected EDIT, SELECT ALL, DELETE, and none of the JUNK folder emails deleted. I did the same thing again. Still no deletes.

Still on my iPhone, I checked in the TRASH folder (since JUNK deletes now seem to go to the TRASH folder under iOS 13), and none of the JUNK folder emails were there, so I went back to the JUNK folder and “read” each email and deleted each one individually. They were then in the TRASH folder and when I did EDIT, SELECT ALL, DELETE in the TRASH folder, all the emails were deleted.

Then I went back to my iPhone INBOX and all my emails HAD BEEN DELETED. I went out to iCloud and to my Mac, and they were in fact gone.

Later on this morning when I had more emails in my INBOX and JUNK folder, I copied the emails in the INBOX away from the INBOX, and did the JUNK folder delete process again, and sure enough, none of the JUNK folder emails deleted but all the INBOX emails did!!!

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Phew! Does anyone have a test email account and device on which to test this? Needless to say, it’s not something I’d recommend trying with a real account, if Steve is right and everything in the Inbox will be deleted.

I just retested with the latest iOS. The problem appears to have been fixed with iOS 13.2.3

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